Getting started

This post is the beginning of a great adventure between two friends. Well, it is the official beginning of a great digital adventure between two friends. (Our real beginning started in grad school.)

Isabel and I are in touch on a daily basis. We are in the same industry (communications!) and we like a lot of the same things. Our conversations are all over the place, but we always circle back to the same thing – tips and tricks that can make each of our professional lives easier. After carrying on this way for over a year, we decided that other professional marketing and PR types might be interested too!

So now, we are making the leap and documenting all of our best practices and new finds in blog form. What you see here is in part for archival purposes and in part to make YOUR life easier, too. Stick around for quick, digestible information that can solve narrowly focused communications problems. Both Isabel and I have diverse communications backgrounds making it likely that we will cover the full spectrum of communications here.

A little about us…

Staci – I have over five years of professional communications experience with a formal education in public relations and communications management. I am definitely a PR girl at heart, but I have always worked in an integrated department. The full scope of my experience includes marketing and PR in traditional and digital mediums. Entering into the world of communications at the onset of the social media revolution for business has been very exciting. I consider myself lucky. I have always worked on the organizational side. However, I have plenty of experience being the client for agencies.

Experience: Small Business | Healthcare | Higher Education | Nonprofits| Cultural Institutions

Isabel – I started my communications career path, later in my life, having gone to undergrad and studied History and Theatre, but have since been lucky enough to build a successful resume with over five years of experience in this field. My theatre background has afforded me a vivacious and spunky attitude that allows me to really connect with my clients on a personal level.

I currently work on the agency side, which has allowed me to work for, and come to understand clients providing many services in many industries. My love in communications is dedicated to PR, but we consider ourselves to be an integrated agency, where we are fortunate enough to be able to piece together different parts of communications and creative work and come up with highly successful campaigns for our clients. I currently reside in St. Louis City, with my boyfriend Steve, our cactus Zelda and our aloe plant, Zoe.

Experience: AEC Industry | Healthcare | Food and Beverage | Pharmaceutical | Neutraceutical | Education | Non-Profit

If there is anything that you would like to see us address on this blog, just leave a comment below!

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